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Maxicare PCC Iloilo
Avida Atria Iloilo City
From 0 to 5 0 6 min: The Jun Orpeza Short Bio Film
ZoeNutra Germicidal Lamp
Zoe Nutra Sanitizer
Finished Work Space
Here's My Heart MTV with Lyrics by David and the Giants
Now is the time Highlights


Finished Work Studios is a production and post-production company that caters to studios and clients internationally. We have been in the video production and post-production industry for almost a decade.
As videographers ourselves, we understand the amount of time required in the post-production process. It is our utmost priority to help videographers with their backlogs. So, they can focus on shooting videos and have more quality time with family and friends.
We also understand that it is hard to entrust your projects to someone who can’t meet your style and standard. Here at Finished Work Studios, our team has undergone comprehensive training and acquired high skills in technicalities and storytelling. We also study our client’s unique style.
In every project that we do, we always make sure to exceed more than what is expected of us. We have a credible Quality Assurance staff that makes sure all clients’ standards are met before sending off the project even for the first draft. We ensure that every project we do is carefully crafted to the last frame.

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Step 1: Downloading of Raw Footages

The client may send us projects through googledrive, dropbox or they may ship a hard drive on our address at Finished Work Studios, 153, Lopez Jaena St., San Isidro, Jaro, Iloilo City, 5000, Philippines.

Step 2: Editing Process

When the project is received/downloaded. The project manager will verify if there are any requests, forms or guidelines for every specific project from the client. Once all pre-edit requirements are confirmed, the Project Manager will assign an editor for that project. The editor will then start working on the project. During the editing process, the quality assurance personnel will do a random checking of the project to assist and evaluate the workflow of the editor

Step 3: Sending to the Client

When the project is done, the Chief Editor will double and final check the output to ensure that the editing preference/style of the client is met. The chief editor will determine if there will be changes that need to be done on the edit. If none then we will send the first draft of the project to the client. The client may send the revision note if there is any. The client is entitled a one-round revision FREE OF CHARGE.

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